Faculty & Workshops

Some highlights of the retreat include the following presentations on the theory, art, and science of sound healing.

Full list & details of the 2015 presenters at the Annual Menla Sound Healing retreat coming soon… This coming year: The  internationally renowned faculty includes:  

Dr. John Beaulieu Ph.D., Richard Rudis, Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D., Philippe & Lea Garnier. Stay Tuned…



John BeaulieuCrystals and Gemstones are amplifiers of intention. Quartz is a universal amplifier for all intention, and when used in conjunction with sound, your healing intention will be both “crystal clear” and amplified. Light shined through a quartz crystal will create a rainbow of colors. Sound vibrating quartz crystal will create a “rainbow of sound”.

During class discussions will focus on the history and theory of healing with crystals, gemstones, light, and color. The crystalline properties of our bodies connective tissue system will be given special emphasis in relationship to the oscillating properties of quartz crystals and it stored piezoelectric energy. The relationship of sound and light to geometric patterns and crystalline structures will be discussed. Special emphasis will be given to resonant spiral formations, crystals, and the process of “spinning healing intention” through color, light, and sound.

The majority of class will be learning through the direct experience. We will learn to amplify the effect of stones with sound, color and crystal toning, color visualization, color breathing, and light therapy. Special emphasis will be given to using BioSonic tuning forks with crystals and gemstones attached to their stems. We will learn about and work with the healing effect of different gemstone to include ruby, emerald, amethyst, lapis lazuli, smoky quartz, rose quartz, coral, pearl, diamond, jasper, and tourmaline.

John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D., is one of the foremost philosophers and major innovators in the area of sound healing therapies.  A world-renowned speaker, composer, pianist, and naturopathic doctor, Dr. Beaulieu has pioneered a technique called BioSonic Repatterning™), a natural method of healing and consciousness development using tuning forks and other sound modalities based on the sonic ratios inherent in nature.  As the founder of BioSonic Enterprises, he has developed and distributed over 50 different sound healing-related products including tuning forks, instructional videos, audio programs, CDs and books. Dr. Beaulieu is the groundbreaking author of Human Tuning, Music and Sound in the Healing Arts and the composer of Calendula: A Suite for Pythagorean Tuning Forks, a CD designed to physically align your body and create a deep relaxed state of awareness. He lectures and performs worldwide and conducts training seminars for practitioners in the healing arts. www.biosonics.com/


Mitchell Gaynor photo“The Harmonic Destiny of Healing” is a talk that awak- ens us to natural truths already at work in our lives. Dr. Mitchell Gaynor’s talk makes the connection between the double helix spiral of one’s DNA, sacred geome- try patterns, sound waves and healthy disciplines that we can incorporate to activate the positive expression of our own DNA. He investigates the science and his own practice of 30 years as an integrative oncol- ogist to elucidate the interrelatedness of human life and individual practices that advance harmony and healing. Healing, for Dr. Gaynor, is a natural, integral part of the Universe: He demonstrates how disciplines like yoga, meditation, sound, and lifestyle choices can change and enhance one’s genetic expression. The body is not static. DNA is not fixed. Dr. Gay- nor shows us why this is true and how to embrace these profound truths.

Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D., is Founder and President of Gaynor Integrative Oncology and Gaynor Wellness in New York City. A renowned pioneer in the field of integrative oncology for 30 years, Dr. Gaynor is author, physician, speaker and composer of original sound healing meditations. His latest book, “The Gene Therapy Plan – Taking Control of your Genetic Destiny Through Diet and Lifestyle” (due in April, 2015, from Viking Press with a Forward by Dr. Mehmet Oz) pro- vides a revolutionary approach to reverse gene damage associated with aging, cancer, obesity, and diabetes and to prevent future gene deterioration with specific programs that are appropriate for anyone who wants to maximize longevity for themselves, their children and future generations.

More Information: http://gaynoroncology.com/about-gio/


Diane MandleDemonstrations and practice sessions will cover Tingsha diagnosis, Ganta/Dorje work, types of singing bowls, mallets and a basic layout for a sound healing session as well as some simple relaxation techniques. Part of the session will also be devoted to understanding how foundational Tibetan principals influence this modality.

An intensive introduction to the Tibetan Sacred Sound Instruments, this interactive workshop is designed to cover the history and symbolism of the Sacred Sound Family, and the task of each instrument in consciousness transformation and healing. The program will delve into how energy is moved and what to listen for in the instruments to determine areas of challenge.

Diane Mandle is an internationally known sound healer, educator, recording artist with Sounds True, and author. She owns and operates the Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School in Encinitas, CA and is the only state certified practitioner in California. Diane is a frequent presenter at the Deepak Chopra Center, Rancho la Puerta, Golden Door and California State College and maintains a private practice when she is not on concert tour. She created the first multimedia home study course on sound healing with the Tibetan instruments (Ancient Sounds for a New Age) has taught at the Mystic School in Mysore India and spent time in Nepal and India to better understand the cultures these instruments came from as a critical component to their usage. Diane studied sound healing with Karma Sonam Dorje ( Richard Rudis) after being certified in Polarity therapy and began her own practice in California in 2000. www.soundenergyhealing.com ~ www.tibetanbowlschool.com


Philippe GarnierPhilippe Pascal Garnier, will be presenting a master class on Crystal Singing Bowl to discover the optimal use of these very special vibrational instruments. We will learn about the natural affinity and resonance we hold within our crystal core consciousness and how the crystal bowl can be integrated into our life and professional practice to enhance therapeutic outcomes. During class we will also learn how to play Crystal Singing Bowls and methods of using them during sessions as well as in performances.

Originally from Paris, Philippe Pascal Garnier discovered the healing properties of sound 15 years ago during his quest to cease vertigo brought on by Ménière’s disease. Not wanting to undergo the operation doctors offered, he turned to alternative practitioners. During the 15 days he spent with the indigenous of the Upper Amazon in Peru working with spiritual healers, he experienced a transformation that not only altered the course of his disease, but of his life. He pursued intensive training in Energy Healing and Sound Therapy. Philippe has been initiated into sacred ceremony and practice in a variety of Native traditions. His sound healing knowledge comes in part from living year long within an Apache tribe in New Mexico, as well as working extensively with the Amazonian curanderos, training in techniques that facilitate healing of the soul and body. Philippe’s work is also very much influenced by John Beaulieu, N.D., PhD., an advanced and original researcher into many aspects of sound healing. Many other teachers have also contributed to Philippe’s broad-based education in the healing application of sound. He shares this expertise with the public through the organization he co-founded and directs: Sage Academy Of Sound Energy & Center For The Healing Arts in Woodstock, NY. www.sagehealingcenter.org ~ www.soundhealingretreat.com


Silvia NakkachVibration permeates all things…  The use of sound and vibration in yoga is as old as yoga itself. The Yoga of the Voice is a systematic approach to discovering the creative and therapeutic potential of your voice. Unlikely any other voice and music therapeutic training, the Yoga of the Voice combines empowering Western vocalizing techniques with insights and relaxation practices from Eastern traditions of singing, and scientific based exercises of breathing, toning, and intonation, that induce expanded states of consciousness and emotion, while releasing creativity, joy, and insight. During the workshop practitioners will receive inspiration and instruction on:

  • skillful methods to develop range and voice power, providing a theoretical and practical context to free the voice to sing, teach, and heal with soundness and imagination;
  • a series of sonorous yogic practices that involve subtle movements (vocal asanas) and heighten the focus of the mind in sound;
  • a gentle and ancient path for developing a voice that is fully embodied, uniquely expressive, and played like a fine musical instrument;

In addition, practitioner’s take home an original repertory of invocatory words, incantations, Peruvian icaros, mantras, and ancient seed sounds that deliver explicit spiritual information for inner transformation, and that will enrich sound healing and yoga sessions, or any therapeutic practice.

Named by Utne Reader magazine as one of 40 cutting-edge artists that will shake the art world in the new millennium, Silvia Nakkach, M.A.,MMT is an award-winning composer, performer, former psychotherapist, and an internationally celebrated pioneer in the field of sound, consciousness transformation, and music shamanism. She is the founding director of Vox Mundi School of the Voice, a worldwide project that had devoted more than 25 years to preserving sacred and indigenous musical traditions, combining education, performance and spiritual service, with centers in USA, Brazil, Argentina, India, and Japan. Silvia is also in the faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, where she has created and leads the world’s premier Certificate in Sound, Voice and Music Healing established in a high academic institution. An internationally accredited specialist in cross-cultural music healing training, she has pioneered the integration of sacred sound with contemporary practices of music improvisation, and she has contributed an extensive body of vocal techniques that have become landmarks in the field of sound healing and music therapy, widely used in Palliative Care, Hospices, and Healthcare Centers worldwide. Nakkach significant body of work has been integrated in an innovative curriculum of sound and vocal principles, theories, and applications called The Yoga of the Voice, available through the Vox Mundi Project programs, archives, and publications.   www.voxmundiproject.com


Lea GarnierThis yoga experience integrates Asana, Pranayama and Nada Yoga/Healing Sound by using crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, toning voice, gongs, and mantra throughout the class.

HEALING SOUND – Nada Yoga (The Yoga of Sound) is the ancient science of sound vibrations, an exploration of consciousness through sacred music which originated in Vedic times. It has been found to be a healing process on many levels, for the purpose of aligning the physical and subtle bodies with their own natural vibration and leading the individual to the highest state of awareness and health.

YIN – Passive yoga poses that engage and release the fascia and ligaments, and which targets the lower half of the body between the bottom ribs and just above the knees. Yin yoga asana creates space for a greater range of motion when practicing the more active yang postures. Poses are held longer to facilitate a deeper release in the joints, and for allowing the body to become a vehicle for meditation in action.  YANG – Active yoga poses and Kundalini Krias that engage the muscles for strength and length, and Pranayama to deepen our breath awareness.  YAWN – Restorative yoga to rest and integrate. Restorative yoga is a practice that uses props to gently hold you while you continue to release any stress left in body/mind/spirit.

Lea Garnier has worked as a craniosacral therapist for over 15 years with a private practice in New York and at Sage Center for the Healing Arts in Woodstock, NY, a center she co-founded in 2007, and co-directs with her husband Philippe Garnier. She is a certified yoga teacher trained in the Desikachar linage, and created a own form of yoga growled within sacred sound with an awareness on the Cosmic Om.  Lea also co-founded and co-organizes, an Annual Sound Healing Symposium taking place at Menla Mountain retreat in upstate New York, which caters to an international audience of practitioners working in the healing arts. She is also a painter whose works have been displayed, sold and published in Europe and New York State. Her teachers are many, and she is grateful for the opportunity to share the knowledge ascribed to her over the years within the art forms she continues to study passionately!  www.sagehealingcenter.org ~ www.soundhealingretreat.com


David MoisesDavid Moises is an Integrative Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist/Life Coach and Sound Healer currently in private practice in New York City since 1995. His work as a Sound Healer dates back to 1977 when he started a music therapy workshop that utilized the human voice as the primary therapeutic instrument for self-awareness, empowerment and healing. He will be sharing his experience with the integration of sound healing in his psychotherapy practice.

David, an Integrative Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist, is part of the field of holistic health care as a mental health counselor in a pioneering comprehensive/holistic health care and social services agency in New York City that still exists today and has served as a model and incubator for similar agencies nationally and internationally. He was also a graduate student of Anthropology at the New School for Social Research where he was drawn to the work of Dr. Michael Harner in Shamanism. He received theoretical and experiential training on the practice of Shamanism and was invited by Dr. Harner to co-lead a graduate seminar on the subject.  Being a life long musician and student of music from all over the world, David Moises travelled with the noted ethnomusicologist Dr. Verna Gillis to West Africa and South America where they researched, recorded and published the native music of Ghana, Peru and Suriname. Following his interest in Yoga and more specifically Meditation and Pranayama, David Moises spent a year in India where he solidified a practice that he maintains till the present.  Sound Spa is a vibrational healing center where David Moises utilizes the voice, the breath, overtone singing, Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and gongs as therapeutic tools to enhance the healing process.  soundspa4u@gmail.com


Thomas -WorkmanA sound healing experience with Thomas Workman is a journey of many dimensions, bringing balance and alignment to body, mind and spirit, from the cellular to astral.  After calling in guidance and protection from the four directions with conch shells, we begin with Sam Kien U Ki, an ancient form of movement meditation. We continue with humming, chanting bija mantras or vowels, resonating and aligning our breathing, activating the chakras for healing.  With everyone comfortably sitting or lying down, the inner journey begins, guided and accompanied by a wide range of instruments from healing traditions, including didgeridoo, bamboo flutes, fujara (Slovakian shepherds flute), khomus (Yakutian jaw harp), donso ngoni (West African Harp), nose flutes, tuning forks, bone flutes, Tibetan bowls, bansuri, guitar, voice and more.  After participants have completed their inner journeys, the session concludes with a collective sharing, which could be reflective of the experience or a creative sharing.

Certified as a sound healer, Thomas brings an understanding of various healing modalities to years of experience with instruments imbued by millennia of cultural and shamanic use as healing tools. In sessions tailored to individual needs, he may utilize tuning forks, vocal techniques, didjeridu healing, improvisation and other modalities. It is from silence that sounds arise.  www.thomasworkman.net