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Friday Oct 9th, 2015 through Monday Oct 12th, the world’s foremost experts in NADA YOGA and the art of Sacred Sound will come together to immerse retreat participants in the power & awareness of subtle frequencies. This four day intensive program is ideal for Yogis and sound healers wanting to deepen their personal practice, yoga teachers who want to integrate sound with their classes, and for sound healers working with yoga teachers to enhance and deepen the yoga/sound healing experience.

The word Nada is derived from the Sanskrit root nad, meaning ‘to flow’, “union through sound.” Our mission is to unite Yoga Asana with the understanding and awareness of Sacred Sound without, within, and beyond (above).  The final goals of Asanas during a yoga class is to come to the realization of Nada Brahma, or the ultimate and transcendental sound, the seed from which the entire creation has evolved.  Students will also explore Sound Healing which uses intentional sound & energy for healing the body mind and spirit as taught by the Indigenous Ancients of many traditions of the world, but more specifically in South America.

This retreat is appropriate for all levels of yogis and will address the needs of both the yoga teacher interested in incorporating sound with their classes and yoga practitioners interested in using sound practices for their own healing.   Given the caliber of excellence associated with the teachers at this retreat you will receive the theoretical and practical information needed to incorporate nada yoga/sound healing into your desired modality.


Silvia YOSSilvia Nakkach, M.A.,M.M.T. ~ Introduction To The Yoga Of The Voice ~ The Path Of The Voice As A Yogi

Sound as vibration has the ability to permeate all things. Sound originates in space. We live in space, breath air, receive energy from the sun and the earth at every moment, and yet, the awareness of the essential relationship with these primal elements only happens during heightened states of consciousness, when we become sensitive to the gross and subtle dimensions of these essentials. Sound travels through us, activating our bodies and our imagination, and modulating our mood in the process. We connect and process sound as information. Every think we do, think, sense, and feel, carries a vibrational frequency that creates and can change our circumstance at every moment.

During this teaching yogis will receive inspiration and instruction on:
• skillful methods to develop range and voice power, providing a theoretical and practical context to free the voice to sing, teach, and heal with soundness and imagination;
• a series of sonorous yogic practices that involve subtle movements (vocal asanas) and heighten the focus of the mind in sound;
• a gentle and ancient path for developing a voice that is fully embodied, uniquely expressive, and played like a fine musical instrument;
In addition, practitioner’s take home an original repertory of invocatory words, incantations, Peruvian icaros, mantras, and ancient seed sounds that deliver explicit spiritual information for inner transformation, and that will enrich sound healing and yoga sessions, or any therapeutic practice.
The primordial and transcendent sound is considered the seed from which all of creation evolved. This is the Nada Brahma. Nada, or vibration, is the first audible sound, the primordial roaring, the resounding flow that heralds the beginning of the evolutionary process from which energy and matter radiate. Brahma, the creator God, is the creative power that animates one’s divine consciousness with the power to move the heart.

Named by Utne Reader magazine as one of 40 cutting-edge artists that will shake the art world in the new millennium, Silvia Nakkach, M.A.,MMT is an award-winning composer, performer, former psychotherapist, and an internationally celebrated pioneer in the field of sound, consciousness transformation, and music shamanism. She is the founding director of Vox Mundi School of the Voice, a worldwide project that had devoted more than 25 years to preserving sacred and indigenous musical traditions, combining education, performance and spiritual service, with centers in USA, Brazil, Argentina, India, and Japan. Silvia is also in the faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, where she has created and leads the world’s premier Certificate in Sound, Voice and Music Healing established in a high academic institution. An internationally accredited specialist in cross-cultural music healing training, she has pioneered the integration of sacred sound with contemporary practices of music improvisation, and she has contributed an extensive body of vocal techniques that have become landmarks in the field of sound healing and music therapy, widely used in Palliative Care, Hospices, and Healthcare Centers worldwide. Nakkach significant body of work has been integrated in an innovative curriculum of sound and vocal principles, theories, and applications called The Yoga of the Voice, available through the Vox Mundi Project programs, archives, and publications.   www.voxmundiproject.com Also Silvia’s book link   Nada Yoga, Sound & the Subtle in her own words.

Don YOSDon Conreaux ~ Gong Yoga Of Holistic Resonance & Shruti Songs

Explore the future world of the Global Gong Experience, Gong Yoga and Shruti Singing with Don Conreaux formerly known as Baba Don and Guru Jagat. Master Don was one of the five original Kundalini Yoga Teachers designated by Yogi Bhajan in 1969. Don also studied the gong writings of Dane Rudhyar. He established the Nanak Dwara Ashram Teacher Training 1970-1976 in Phoenix, Arizona. His very first teacher as a Teenager in 1952 was Paramahansa Yogananda, receiving his Kriya Initiation in 1953.
Don originated The Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance, the title of Gong Master, Gong Therapy, The Gong Bath, The Gong Puja, Spiritual Free Jazz, and Songs and Concerts for Humanity. He conducts Gong Master Training Internationally in the Way of the Gong.
Don has continually produced Gong Masters in many countries of the world; he also conducts his Mysterious Tremendum Gong Consort and Sacred Tone Ensemble throughout the world since 1969.
His Way of the Gong writings include: Gongs of Our Solar System, Magnum Opus of the Gong 1 & 2, Music of Wholeness, Gong Essays, Sacred Geometry of Starhenge, The Universal Chiometer, and The Kriya Kundalini Gong Yoga Manual MEM.
Today in his 80th year he continues to teach the art and science of Sacred Geometry, divination, and designs World Peace Gong & Bell Gardens of which there are now six established Internationally. All are dedicated to the coming first day of World Peace, Planetary Cooperation in a world without violence for our children of the New Millennium.  His Way of the Gong writings include: Gongs of Our Solar System, Magnum Opus of the Gong 1 & 2, Music of Wholeness, Gong Essays, Sacred Geometry of Starhenge, The Universal Chiometer, and The Kriya Kundalini Gong Yoga Manual MEM.   Today in his 80th year he continues to teach the art and science of Sacred Geometry, divination, and designs World Peace Gong & Bell Gardens of which there are now six established Internationally. All are dedicated to the coming first day of World Peace, Planetary Cooperation in a world without violence for our children of the New Millennium.    www.donconreaux.com   I    www.gongteachings.com

Baird2Baird Hersey and Prana ~ The Practice of Nada Yoga, Meditation on the Inner Sacred Sound.

“One who desires the complete union of Yoga should give up all mental activity, and with an attentive mind concentrate on Nada alone.” — Yoga Pradipika 4.93
Through group singing, focused listening and guided meditation we will turn inward from the sounds of the external world to the sounds of our internal world and finally toward the eternal transcendent sound. This workshop will give direct instruction on the four levels of Nada Yoga.
• Vaikhari-vak: ordinary audible sound
• Madhyama-vak: mental sound
• Pashyanti-vak: visual sound
• Para-vak: transcendent sound.
As we move step by step through these four levels we move from the distractions around us, our mind chatter, and our intrusive thoughts toward the sacred inner sound. By turning our single pointed attention to ever more subtle gradations of this sound we learn to quiet the mind and come to a place of peace.”

A dedicated practitioner of yoga and overtone singing, Baird Hersey has had a celebrated career in music.    His latest book “The Practice Of Nada” just came out this year. The ancient practice of nada yoga is not complex. It is the yoga of listening. It is a journey from the noise of the external world inward to a place of peace and bliss, to the source of the transformational power of sound–the nada. By meditating on the inner sacred sound of the nada, we can release ourselves from mind chatter and obsessive thinking. We can still the body, quiet the mind, and open the heart to create a state of mind where joy naturally arises.  Prana (a Sanskrit word meaning: breath, vital energy, life force) is the eight voice singing group headed by Baird Hersey. The octet emits what is referred to as the “Higher Voice”, an enigmatic overtone produced when the mouth and throat are shaped into a resonating chamber for the harmonics of the normal voice. Prana produces deep and calming meditations with only Tibetan cymbals, reverberation and voices. The music is a shared search between audience and performers and fuses breath, listening, space and sound. The album Waking the Cobra is used widely throughout the yoga and wholistic health community.  Singing as a group in this unique style they create beautiful rising harmonies, shimmering vocal textures, and high arcing melodies.


Lea and Philippe Garnier ~ The integration of Sound Healing and Sound Awareness with Asana in a Yoga Class Setting

Sound does much more than heal.  Sound can soothe, sound can raise our consciousness, and sound can take us into other realms of reality.  Sounds can entrain our brains into a full range of states of consciousness.  Healing is often thought of as fixing something that is wrong.  Sound can harmonize everything that is right – beauty, harmony, love and Spirit…


Lea & Philippe Garnier will explain the fundamental principals of sound healing as it is currently being used today in private alternative and medical practices for healing the body mind and spirit. We will learn about the natural affinity and resonance we hold within our crystal core consciousness (DNA) and how sound can be integrated into our professional yoga practice to enhance therapeutic outcomes and emotional releases.  Students will have the opportunity to play and experience the crystal bowls, and Philippe will be sharing his protocol of “crystal shavasana”.  Demonstrations on how to mix different sound healing instruments, and the task of each instrument to consciously aid us in our transformation, healing, and re-alignment will be presented.   Yoga asana incorporating yin, hatha, kundalini and restorative yoga sequencing will give various protocols for in classroom and personal use.  Sacred sound instruments include gong, south american charango, rattles, flutes, feathers, bones, brass and crystal bowls, shruti box and voice for chanting mantras, shruties and icaros.

Demonstrations include a basic layout for:
1. The integration of sound healing in a semi-private and/or private yoga class setting for yoga teachers, and how to choose the most appropriate sound tool for seated postures, standing poses, forward bends and heart opening poses.  The student/teacher will learn where to place tools for maximum benefit.  Students will be encouraged to use their intuition vis-a-vis the science of sound healing.  This protocol can also be adapted for individual practice.
2. The integration of sound healing with both a yoga teacher and a sound healer in a large classroom setting using restorative yoga as a format using the same support system as above, but adapted for larger class size.

Lea Garnier is a certified yoga teacher trained in the Desikachar linage, and specializes in teaching yin and restorative yoga workshops which integrates the therapeutics of healing sound with a variety of different sound tools.  She has worked as a craniosacral therapist for over 15 years with a private practice in New York and at Sage Center for the Healing Arts in Woodstock, NY, a center she co-founded in 2007, and co-directs with her husband Philippe Garnier.  Lea also co-founded and co-organizes, the Annual Sound Healing Symposium taking place at Menla Mountain retreat in upstate New York, which caters to an international audience of practitioners working in the healing arts. She is also a painter whose works have been displayed, sold and published in Europe and New York State, as well as a recording artist of mantras, Icaros and sounds for healing.

Originally from Paris, Philippe Pascal Garnier discovered the healing properties of sound 15 years in search of healing himself back to “heath”. His sound healing knowledge comes in part from working with the Amazonian curanderos, training in techniques that facilitate healing of the soul and body, as well as his studies in meditation in the foot hill of the Himalaya with his teacher Shivamji, and also experiencing living year along side an Apache tribe in New Mexico.  He’s work is also very much influenced by John Beaulieu, N.D., PhD., an advanced and original researcher into many aspects of sound healing. Many other teachers, Gong Master Don Conreaux among other, have also contributed to Philippe’s broad-based education in the healing application of sound.  Philippe has been teaching nationally and internationally and has been offering group sound healing sessions in numerous yoga studios in Manhattan, around the north East in Ashrams, and abroad in Paris and in the South Of France.  Among original recordings of vibrational medicine, He has been asked to be part of the soundtrack of Deepak Chopra Leela’s interactive relaxation and meditation DVD from which came an ambient soundtrack album released as a 2-disc set.  Philippe shares this expertise as a Sonotherapist, with the public through the organization he co-founded and directs: Sage Center For The Healing Arts & The Academy Of Sound Energy, in Woodstock, NY.



The manifestation of this retreat is the result of having Sage Center nested on top of a yoga studio and the natural integration and sharing of the knowledge of NADA YOGA’S  healing benefits for Yoga teachers and Yoga students alike. The study of Sacred Sound, is one of the best tools available today to achieve a better understanding of the world around us, and to expand our Asana based-yoga practice to another level, which can help to create an even more peaceful attitude in our lives, thus feeling happier and complete.

Experience and learn about the awareness of sound consciousness, Nada Yoga and Sound Healing.  Frequencies surround us; without and within. Learn to incorporate healing frequencies within your classes and personal practices. This course will specifically be of interest to yoga practitioners who want to deepen their practice using sound as a platform to get to the Anahata space of being, in wholeness.  The YOGA OF SOUND retreat is about reuniting yoga students and teachers alike to the experience and understanding of sacred sound in the tradition and science of Nada and Bhakti Yoga.  By using Sacred Sound as a tool for the expansion of consciousness, yogis have the opportunity to connect better to their higher purpose within their community as well as gaining first hand knowledge on what effects sound has on the body and the amazing benefits of its healing powers.  For the past 5-10 years Sound Healing has undergone a period of re-discovery and is now poised to reveal the intricacies of healing at both the cellular and psychological levels.

Those who seek personal transformation through the miracle of sound will also find this to be an incredibly empowering and enriching experience. Thanks to the vastly growing numbers of sound practitioners, it is fast regaining its place as the pre-eminent healing modality.  For thousands of years sound has been used to heal, first introduced on this side of the world by Yogi Bhajan, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati to name just a few.  Sacred Sound awareness is now bridging all yoga communities and is being introduced more frequently into everyday Yoga practices.

In this retreat, we are going to in-body the academic teachings of Nada Yoga and Nada Meditation with  “Prana” vocal ensemble director and author Baird Hersey. We will be experiencing vibrational medicine with Lea & Philippe Garnier from Sage The Academy Of Sound Energy, and through asana classes with renown Yoga Teachers Barbara Boris director of Woodstock Yoga Center. Gong Master Don Conreaux formerly known as Baba Don and Guru Jagat, one of the five original Kundalini Yoga Teachers designated by Yogi Bhajan in 1969 will transmute is knowledge of Gong Krya and Gong Yoga. The strength of Steve Gorn’s music is grounded in a virtuoso mastery, “The Sanskrit proverb ‘the universe hangs on sound,’ suggests that the right sound, at the right time, in the right place, is what nurtures the synchronization of our body and mind, and perhaps sanity in the world.” Steve workshop and music offers a unique sonic landscape for healing arts, yoga and meditation. We will also practice Bhakti Yoga and free our voice with the “Yoga Of The Voice”, presented by worldly renown teacher Silvia Nakkach director of “The School Of The Voice” and “Vox Mundi Project”. This transformative retreat is a 4 day immersion into the Yoga Of Sound.  Union through sound.

Certificate Of Completion will be award to all participants of the Retreat.

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