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Thursday, June 25th, – 28th, 2015
5th Annual Menla Sound Healing retreat Intensive
Schedule VenueThe world’s foremost experts in the art and science of sound healing will come together to immerse retreat participants in the sacred power of sound.
Under the guidance of these remarkable scholars, doctors, healers, and sound practitioners, students will explore the healing potential of tuning forks, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Sacred Gongs and Bells, indigenous horns, voice, drums, and other percussion instruments. Participants will learn the therapeutic application of these tools to create sacred space, shift and expand consciousness, address a range of physical conditions, restore balance, and promote positive change at the cellular level.  The 2015 internationally renowned faculty includes:
 Dr. John Beaulieu Ph.D.;  Gong Master Richard Rudis;  Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor, Oncologie;  Philippe & Lea Garnier, founder of Sage Academy of Sound Energy; as well as other evening presenters & teachers to be announced.     More Here.


Friday, Oct 2nd – 4th, 2015
GONG RETREAT With Gong Master Don Conreaux
gong thum2This retreat is the continued studies with Master Don, but can be taken on its own as well as we are going to explore another area of the Gong consciousness. So the retreat is not just for the advanced professional sound-healer, or the ongoing student of gong yoga, or for just the practicing healing musician, but it is also for those who simply wish to be introduced to the self-realizing and healing power of the gong.   In the 18 areas of gong master training this year is the time to raise your self to Journeyman Gong Master Professional Levels.   Don Conreaux formerly known as Baba Don and Guru Jagat. Master Don was one of the five original Kundalini Yoga Teachers designated by Yogi Bhajan in 1969. Don also studied the gong writings of Dane Rudhyar. He established the Nanak Dwara Ashram Teacher Training 1970-1976 in Phoenix, Arizona. Don originated: The Gong Yoga of Holistic Resonance, the title of Gong Master, Gong Therapy, The Gong Bath,The Gong Puja, and Gong Master Training in the Way of the Gong. Don has produced students of the gong in many countries of the world since and holds trainings internationally.     More here.

Thursday, Oct 9th, – 12th, 2015
The Yoga Of Sound~ Nada Yoga Retreat
YOSEXPANDING OUR YOGIC CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH THE AWARENESS OF SACRED SOUND. The study of Sacred Sound, is one of the best tools available today to achieve a better understanding of the world around us, and to expand our Asana based-yoga practice to another level, which can help to create an even more peaceful attitude in our lives, thus feeling happier and complete.   Experience and learn about the awareness of sound consciousness, Nada Yoga and Sound Healing.
Learn to incorporate healing frequencies within your classes and personal practices. This course will specifically be of interest to yoga practitioners who want to deepen their practice using sound as a platform to get to the Anahata space of being, in wholeness.  The YOGA OF SOUND retreat is about reuniting yoga students and teachers alike to the experience and understanding of sacred sound in the tradition and science of Nada and Bhakti Yoga.  By using Sacred Sound as a tool for the expansion of consciousness, yogis have the opportunity to connect better to their higher purpose within their community as well as gaining first hand knowledge on what effects sound has on the body and the amazing benefits of its healing powers.  The 2015 internationally renowned faculty includes: Silvia Nakkach, M.A.,M.M.T.; Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux; Baird Hersey and Prana; Lea & Philippe Garnier.   More here.

Saturday, Sept 12th – 18th, 2015
Sacred Earth, Sacred Sound, France Retreat
session FrWe will learn how to connect to the Elementals around us, merge with the spirits of the land, following the trails of the ancient mystics, by keeping our main emphasis on the frequencies of the heart and by expanding ourselves with the awareness of the subtle sound. We will be opening the sacred space and energies left behind by the Cathars, the alchemists, and the living spirits of the Saintes Maries.  We will find ourselves accompanied by a Divine Feminine Presence of Mary Magdalene, constantly watching over us and our Sacred pilgrimage.   With great awareness, we’ll let ourselves be tuned to the frequencies of the land, we will expand our ears to the music of the spheres, and literally become tuning forks vibrating in resonance with the energies around us.   With most sensitive listening we will develop our “3rd ear”, to truly rise above and embody our multidimensional self.  There will also be plenty of space for laughter, sharing beautiful “soul” food and local wine spirits.  Time alone and time to rejuvenate our soul, body, and spirit will also be honored and encouraged!
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